Best Coffee Shops in Manchester

The buzzzzz up north.

Manchester is a great city celebrated for many things including football of course but also now, coffee culture. The city offers a plethora of choices for aficionados and casual drinkers alike.

Whether it’s a cosy spot to tuck into a good book or a bustling space to share ideas, there’s a cafe to suit every preference.

The best coffee shops in Manchester stand out not just for their bangin’ brews but also for their unique atmospheres and community vibes.

Each establishment brings something special to the table, from the artisan roasters of Manchester who meticulously source their beans to the friendly baristas who craft each cup with care.

Places like Ezra and Gil have made a name for themselves in the Northern Quarter, earning a spot in the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

It’s clear that for Mancunians, coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up—it’s an integral part of the city’s social fabric.

In exploring Manchester’s coffee scene, one uncovers a map of hidden gems dotted across the city from Ancoats to Spinningfields. Some, like Pot Kettle Black, have grown rapidly since their inception, showing the city’s ever-growing appreciation for quality coffee and inviting spaces. Here, every coffee shop tells a story, and each visit promises a new chapter.

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Best 10 Cafes in Manchester

Whether seeking a cosy spot for your morning brew or a casual meeting place, Manchester’s coffee scene has much to offer.

Here’s a snapshot of the top cafés worth visiting, each with its own unique vibe and offering quality coffee.

1. Ancoats Coffee Co

Ancoats Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee roaster and cafe situated in the heart of Manchester.

With a focus on quality and sustainability, Ancoats Coffee takes pride in sourcing and roasting the finest beans to create exceptional coffee experiences.

The cafe is located in an old mill, featuring a relaxed atmosphere with a touch of industrial charm, thanks to its exposed brickwork. This establishment is not only a favorite among locals but also serves as a testament to Manchester’s vibrant coffee scene.

Ancoats Coffee

2. Idle Hands

Idle Hands is a specialty coffee shop in Manchester that has cultivated a reputation for not only its high-quality coffee but also its homemade pies and a variety of brunch options.

With a commitment to creating a welcoming space for its patrons, Idle Hands extends its offerings to include natural wine and craft beer.

This coffee shop is a testament to the city’s thriving independent coffee culture, providing a cozy environment to enjoy a thoughtful selection of beverages and food.

Idle Hands

3.Pot Kettle Black (PKB)

Centrally located near Oxford RoadPot Kettle Black (PKB) serves up a modern twist on the classic café. It’s a haven for coffee aficionados and brunch lovers alike.

Pot Kettle Black

4. Foundation Coffee House

Not far from the bustling Northern Quarter, Foundation Coffee House is known for its minimalist décor and emphasis on precision brewing, making it a hotspot for the city’s creatives.

Foundation Coffee

5. Ezra & Gil

Ezra & Gil in the trendy Northern Quarter offers a laid-back environment, doubling as a workspace for Manchester’s freelancers. It’s perfect for those looking for quality coffee and hearty eats.

Ezra and Gil

6. Federal Café & Bar

For those who enjoy a touch of Antipodean café culture, Federal Café & Bar has made its mark with outstanding flat whites and a friendly atmosphere, making it a firm favourite for a relaxed coffee break.

Federal Coffee

7. Fig + Sparrow

Fig + Sparrow on Oldham Street stands out with its boutique charm and dual function as a lifestyle store. They serve carefully crafted coffee and an array of delightful homemade treats

Fig and Sparrow

8. Takk

Icelandic inspired and deeply rooted in Manchester’s coffee scene, Takk is the epitome of Nordic cool, offering a tranquil retreat alongside expertly brewed specialty coffee.



Grindsmith brings to the table its own-brand speciality blends. Their venues are known for stark, inviting décor and a bustling atmosphere that energises.


10. Just Between Friends

Situated in the heart of the city, Just Between Friends impresses with its intimate setting. They focus on providing exquisite espresso-based drinks and a selection of tasty pastries

Just Between Friends

Coffee on the Go: Kiosk and Mobile Options

In Manchester, coffee enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite brew anytime, anywhere, thanks to the inventive kiosk and mobile options dotting the city. These takeaway services provide a convenient caffeine fix for those with busy lifestyles.

Taking Coffee to the Streets

The city streets of Manchester have become a vibrant scene for coffee lovers, with fully equipped kiosks and mobile coffee vans that are ready to serve a variety of hot beverages on demand. One such example is Henry’s Coffee and Events, a company that prides itself on delivering quality coffee catering wherever needed, be it for a short stopover or the entire day.

Pop-Up Stands and Seasonal Events

Festivals (Manchester Coffee Festival), markets, and outdoor events in Manchester are often graced by the presence of pop-up coffee stands. They offer not just convenience but also a chance to experience bespoke and specialty coffees.

These stands are wonderfully adaptable, often found at seasonal events where they provide a warm cup of solace against the chill of the Manchester air. Whether it’s a crisp autumn fair or a vibrant summer festival, keep an eye out for these transient caffeine hubs.

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