Best Coffee Shops in Bristol

Bristol boasts an eclectic mix of specialty cafés each with its own charm that caters to every preference, from the coffee snob to the brunch enthusiast.

Given its brilliant culinary scene, one is never too far from a steaming mug of batch brew coffee or a plate of delicious homemade treats.

In the city’s winding streets and bustling neighbourhoods, locals and visitors alike are spoilt for choice with an array of Bristolian coffee shops that offer much more than just a caffeine fix.

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They say variety is the spice of life, and Bristol’s coffee culture truly embodies this, offering a unique blend of traditional and modern, with a touch of local character infused into each establishment.

From cosy, tucked-away spots perfect for a quiet read to lively, spacious venues ideal for a catch-up with friends, there’s a cafe in Bristol for every occasion.

Best Cafe in Bristol

Bristol’s coffee shops are not only about the beverages; they often boast impressive menus featuring locally sourced ingredients, vegan and vegetarian options, and sweet treats that tempt even the most discerning of palates.

Best 8 Cafes in Bristol

Whether it’s a leisurely brunch in Clifton or a swift espresso in the City Centre, Bristol’s café scene is a dynamic and integral part of the city’s culture.

1. Full Court Press

Full Court Press is a specialty coffee shop located in Bristol that prides itself on offering a diverse range of high-quality coffee.

Their approach is rooted in the belief that coffee should be carefully sourced, roasted, and brewed to highlight the unique characteristics of each bean.

Full Court Press works closely with a variety of roasters to ensure a rotating selection of beans and brew methods, catering to the tastes of discerning coffee enthusiasts. 

2. Sweven Coffee

Sweven Coffee is a contemporary coffee brand based in Bristol, with a focus on sustainability and community.

They are dedicated to serving ethically sourced coffee and aim to create a positive impact on the environment and society.

Sweven Coffee is not just about providing a cup of coffee, but also about building a space where people can connect and share experiences.

They offer a range of coffee products that can be enjoyed in their welcoming cafe environment or at home. 

3. Can’t Dance Coffee

Can’t Dance Coffee takes a lively approach to caffeine.

They offer a vibrant atmosphere coupled with robust coffee options, ensuring that even if you can’t dance, you’ll leave with a spring in your step.

4. Small Street Espresso

Nestling in a cosy corner of the city, Small Street Espresso offers a friendly, intimate space for coffee aficionados. Its focus on high-quality brews and a welcoming vibe make it a standout in Bristol’s coffee scene.

5. Wogan Coffee

Wogan Coffee has been part of Bristol’s coffee culture for generations.

They’re experts in sourcing and roasting beans that result in a cup of coffee that’s as rich in history as it is in flavour.

6. Little Victories

Little Victories provides a laid-back, modern setting for socialising over a cup of the good stuff.

As a sibling to Small Street Espresso, it inherits a passion for coffee excellence and local charm.

7. Dareshack

Innovative and artsy, Dareshack is more than just a place for a caffeine kick.

It’s where the drinks meet creativity, inviting patrons to enjoy a side of inspiration with their coffee.

8. Coffee + Beer

Coffee + Beer offers an intriguing combo that’s hard to resist.

Situated in the bustling heart of Bristol, this hangout spot is perfect for those who appreciate both quality coffee and the craft of local beer.

Brunch Spots and Afternoon Delights

Bristol’s brunch scene is vibrant, with plenty of spots offering a delicious start to the day, while its afternoon tea options provide a perfect, leisurely respite.

Top Brunch Destinations

One simply cannot talk about Bristol’s brunch scene without mentioning The Bristolian.

Renowned for their all-day café vibe, they serve up hearty and tasteful breakfast options that delight both locals and visitors alike. For a taste of something unique and entirely plant-based, Cafe Kino on Stokes Croft offers a menu where locally-sourced ingredients shine.

  • The Bristolian – The full breakfast is a must-try, and they’re not shy with portions.
  • Cafe Kino – A haven for vegans with their full meat-less breakfast and other delectable options.

Afternoon Tea Ambience

For those who fancy a classic British tradition, afternoon tea in Bristol is a refined affair. The Artist Residence Bristol presents a rustic setting perfect for indulging in finger sandwiches, scones, and a pot of tea or a glass of Prosecco. They serve breakfast and brunch as well, but it’s their afternoon tea that truly captivates.

  • Artist Residence Bristol – A stylish spot with a selection of smoothies to complement the afternoon tea experience.

Unique Coffee Experiences in Bristol

Bristol boasts an array of cafes offering more than just a caffeine fix. From book-laden hideaways to eateries with a twist, this city caters to those seeking a side of novelty with their espresso.

Bookstores and Board Games

Chance & Counters, nestled in the heart of Bristol, provides a haven for board game aficionados and coffee lovers alike. With walls adorned with games from classics to modern hits, it’s the perfect spot for an engaging brunch with friends. Meanwhile, Starlings in Emersons Green doubles as a cosy bookstore and café, inviting patrons to lose themselves in a good book and a cup of artisan coffee.

Themed Cafes and Quirky Spots

Quirkiness is served on a platter at The Crafty Egg where artistry meets the appetite. With options like the vibrant Pinkmans on Park Street offering a selection of baked goods, and the eccentric Vintage Birdcage Cakery, located in Yate, there’s no shortage of character-filled spots for a unique cafe experience. For those closer to the airport, Avenue Cafe in Emersons Green provides a charming pre-flight pick-me-up. Whether you’re after the hearty meals at The Bristolian Cafe or the plant-based delights at Eat Your Greens, Bristol’s themed cafes are sure to feed both body and imagination.

Place to Be: Bristol’s Lively Coffee Scene

Bristol’s coffee culture thrives on diversity, offering an eclectic array of spots from the bohemian streets of Stokes Croft to the refined ambience of Clifton. With focus on quality roasts and a love for brunch, each neighbourhood brings its unique vibe to the table.

The Vibrant Atmosphere of Stokes Croft

Stokes Croft buzzes with a unique vibrancy, a haven for Street art and great coffee. Cafés here aren’t merely about the drink; they’re community hubs where creativity meets caffeine. The Crafty Egg, with its funky décor and laid-back ambience, is a testament to Stokes Croft’s spirit. They don’t just offer a caffeine fix but are renowned for their hearty brunch options, with dishes that are as colourful as the surrounding street art.

Clifton’s Cosy Corners

Shifting to the posh streets of Clifton, you’ll find cosy corners perfect for a comfy retreat. This historic suburb is home to cafés that balance traditional charm with modern sophistication. Cafés in Clifton make no compromise on the quality of their brews, often sourcing from local roasters to provide that perfect cup. From indulgent pastries to a brunch menu that delights, Clifton’s cafés cater to those who enjoy life’s finer moments in a warm, inviting setting.

It’s more than just coffee; it’s a community experience where every sip and bite brings people closer to the heart of Bristol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bristol’s cafe culture is vibrant and diverse, with options ranging from cosy nooks to waterfront vistas. Here’s a quick Q&A on the best spots to grab a coffee in the city.

What are the top-rated cafes to visit in Bristol town centre?

In the heart of Bristol, our 8 Best Cafes in Bristol list features highly rated establishments known for their quality coffee and bustling atmospheres.

Coffee shop with a great view of the harbourside?

For those seeking a picturesque spot by the water, the Harbourside area hosts various cafes with beautiful views for an enjoyable coffee experience.

Are there any notable coffee roasters in Bristol known for their unique coffee?

Bristol takes pride in its coffee roasting scene. Full Court Press is famed for its in-house roasted coffee, which coffee aficionados highly rate. For more on Bristol’s coffee culture, see Amberstudent’s guide.

What’s a good cafe spot near Bristol Temple Meads for a quick cuppa?

Hart’s Bakery, located in the Temple Quarter, is the go-to for those near Temple Meads looking for a swift, yet top-quality, coffee fix. More on Time Out.

Where’s a cosy Bristol city centre cafe ideal for a meet-up with friends?

The central area of Bristol houses numerous cosy cafes that serve as perfect meet-up spots for friends, offering both great beverages and a warm environment.

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