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Valencia, with its blend of old-world charm and contemporary culture, beckons travellers who long to experience its sunny promenades and vibrant city life.

Tucked amidst the historic lanes and futuristic architecture, the city’s cafe culture is a haven for coffee aficionados and anyone seeking a cosy corner to unwind.

The selection of cafes offers an intriguing variety of atmospheres, from the quirky and artistic to the traditionally Spanish.

They say the best way to soak in the local ambience is through the patio of a café, with a freshly brewed coffee in hand, watching the world go by.

Valencia’s cafes are not just about the caffeine fix; they’re about rich experiences, tantalising pastries, and engaging conversations. Whether visitors are looking for a hipster hangout to sip on third-wave espressos or a quiet terrace to enjoy a leisurely brunch, the city’s best cafes cater to every palate and personality.

Best coffee shop valencia

Best 6 Cafes in Valencia

Valencia is brimming with delightful cafes each boasting its own unique blend of atmosphere and coffee quality. For those seeking specialty coffee, Retrogusto Coffeemates stands out with their expertly crafted single-origin cups. It’s a paradise for anyone who savours the art of coffee-making.

In the trendy neighbourhood of Ruzafa, La Mas Bonita offers a charming ambience perfect for enjoying a leisurely brunch.

Their homemade cakes and artisan coffee make it a food lover’s dream, and the café’s decor is just as inviting as their menu.

Tallat Coffee

TALLAT is an independent specialty coffee roaster located Cabanyal-Cany neighborhood near Valencia’s Marina. Opened 2018, serves high quality coffee sourced directly from farms and roasted on-site. Their cozy cafe has an industrial chic vibe and friendly atmosphere. T offers coffee brew workshops and courses for the public.

Fran Cafe

Fran Cafe is cozy cafe in central Valencia. The cafe has an elegant but relaxed feel with outdoor seating and is known for its coffee and pastries.

Flying Bean Coffee

Flying Bean Coffee opened its specialty coffee shop in Valencia’s Arrancapins neighborhood in 2020 Flying sources ethical, direct coffee from around. The shop an industrial style. They offer pour overs, cold brew, espresso drinks, and coffee beans.

Ubik Cafe

Ubik Cafe is a coffee shop that is perfect for book lovers. The cafe has a vast collection of books that customers can read while enjoying their coffee. The cafe has a relaxed and cosy atmosphere, making it an ideal place to spend a lazy afternoon.


Blackbird is a coffee shop that is all about creativity. The cafe has a rotating selection of artwork on its walls, and their coffee is just as creative. Blackbird is known for its signature drink, the “Blackbird”, which is a combination of espresso, tonic water, and grapefruit.

Los Picos

Los Picos may be a small cafe, but it packs a punch when it comes to flavour. The cafe serves a range of coffee drinks, including their famous “Cafe Bombon”, which is a sweet and creamy coffee drink. The cafe also has a range of pastries and cakes that are perfect for a mid-morning snack.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top spots for brunch in Valencia?

Valencia is home to a variety of cafes that serve delicious brunches. One of the top spots for brunch in Valencia is Federal Café which offers a range of brunch options including avocado toast and pancakes. Another popular spot is La Mas Bonita which is known for its tasty pastries and fresh juices.

Where can I find the best specialty coffee in Valencia?

Valencia has a thriving specialty coffee scene, with many cafes serving high-quality coffee. For the best specialty coffee in Valencia, head to Bluebell Coffee Co. which offers a range of single-origin coffees and brewing methods. Horchatería Santa Catalina is also a great option as it serves traditional Spanish coffee and horchata.

Can you recommend cosy cafes in Valencia for a relaxed afternoon?

If you’re looking for a cosy cafe to relax in, head to Ubik Café which has a relaxed atmosphere and comfortable seating. Café de las Horas is another great option with its neo-Baroque interiors and romantic dim lighting.

What are the must-visit cafes in Valencia for a true coffee enthusiast?

For a true coffee enthusiast, Cappuccino Grand Café is a must-visit. This cafe serves high-quality coffee and has a stylish interior. Café de las Horas is also a great option with its extensive coffee menu and unique atmosphere.

Which cafes in Valencia offer the best ambiance for enjoying a cup of coffee?

Valencia has many cafes that offer a great ambiance for enjoying a cup of coffee. Café de las Horas is known for its romantic and unique atmosphere, while La Petite Brioche has a cosy and welcoming interior. If you’re looking for a cafe with a view, head to Café del Duende which overlooks the Turia Gardens.

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