Best Cafe in Lisbon

Lisbon, the sun-kissed capital of Portugal, offers a labyrinth of cultural delights.

Amidst its historic streets and picturesque vistas, the city hosts an ever-growing coffee scene.

Thriving with a mix of traditional pastelarias and modern specialty coffee shops, the Lisbon coffee culture is a reflection of the city’s vibrant personality.

From classic Portuguese espresso, known as ‘bica,’ to contemporary brews, there’s a cup for every taste.

The coffee shops in Lisbon are as diverse as the city’s neighborhoods.

One may find themselves in a minimalist cafe serving meticulously sourced beans in an area like Príncipe Real or stepping into a family-owned establishment in Alfama where conversations flow as richly as the coffee.

These spaces are more than just places to enjoy a caffeine fix; they’re social hubs where locals and visitors alike come to pause, connect, or get inspired.

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Embodying the laid-back spirit of Portugal, these coffee havens offer an authentic taste of Lisbon life. Exploring them provides not only a journey through the flavors of coffee from around the world but also an insight into Lisbon’s local charm and hospitality.

Whether looking for a spot to work, a cozy corner to unwind, or simply to indulge in the art of people-watching, Lisbon’s coffee shops are an essential part of the city’s allure.


Best 8 Cafes in Lisbon

Lisbon’s coffee culture is steeped in tradition and a keen eye for quality.

From Chiado’s historic cafes to the trendsetting corners of Príncipe Real, these districts boast some of the best spots for a rich cup of Portuguese coffee.

Fábrica Coffee Roasters

Fábrica Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roastery that was established with a clear mission: to share their passion for, and knowledge of, quality coffee. They meticulously select the best coffee beans from around the world and roast them in Lisbon. With a commitment to delivering a remarkable experience to each customer, Fábrica Coffee Roasters prides itself on roasting on-site and offering a variety of extraction methods to cater to the diverse tastes of their clientele.

Hello Kristof

Hello Kristof is a hip and trendy coffee shop located in Lisbon’s bustling urban landscape. Renowned for its Scandinavian-inspired decor and minimalist aesthetic, this establishment is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Hello Kristof serves up a selection of specialty coffees, complemented by a curated assortment of magazines and light bites. It’s the perfect spot for those seeking a quiet retreat to enjoy a quality cup of joe and catch up on some reading.

Olisipo Coffee

Olisipo Coffee Roasters is dedicated to showcasing the rich diversity of flavors that coffee has to offer. They are passionate about sourcing and roasting coffee, ensuring that each batch is fresh. Their commitment to quality means that coffee lovers can shop with confidence, knowing they are getting a product that has been handled with care from bean to cup.

SO Coffee Roasters

SO Coffee Roasters stands as a testament to the art and science of coffee. They are a team of dedicated professionals who believe in the transformative power of a great cup of coffee. With a focus on single-origin beans and direct trade with farmers, SO Coffee Roasters ensures that every cup tells a story of quality and sustainability. Their roastery in Lisbon is a hub for coffee innovation and education, where they also offer workshops and tastings for enthusiasts looking to deepen their coffee knowledge.

Coffee in Brew

Coffee in Brew is a cozy coffee shop nestled in the heart of Lisbon, where the love for coffee and community brews together. This spot is dedicated to serving meticulously crafted coffee beverages, made from high-quality, locally roasted beans. At Coffee in Brew, they believe that coffee is more than just a drink; it’s an experience that brings people together. They invite patrons to enjoy their warm atmosphere and indulge in a coffee journey that delights the senses.

Buna Portugal

Buna Portugal is a unique coffee shop that blends the rich coffee culture of Ethiopia with the vibrant energy of Lisbon. Named after the Ethiopian word for coffee, Buna, this establishment takes pride in its authentic coffee ceremonies and traditional brewing techniques. They offer a range of specialty coffees that pay homage to the birthplace of coffee, providing customers with an immersive experience that goes beyond the typical coffee shop visit.

The Mill

The Mill is an Australian-Portuguese café that brings a fusion of flavors and cultures to the heart of Lisbon. With a strong focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and expertly brewed coffee, The Mill offers a menu that reflects the best of both worlds. Whether it’s for their

History of Coffee in Lisbon

Lisbon’s relationship with coffee is steeped in history, tracing back to nuances of Portuguese traditions and the gradual embrace of contemporary tastes.

Traditional Portuguese Coffee

Portuguese coffee, often referred to as a ‘bica’, has a distinctively strong and rich profile. The term ‘bica’ is believed to come from the saying “Beba Isto Com Açúcar” (“Drink this with sugar”), highlighting the local preference for sweetened coffee. Portuguese coffee is traditionally a robust blend, mainly composed of Arabica and Robusta beans, which Portugal started importing from Brazil in the 18th century. Lisbon’s oldest café, Martinho da Arcada, has been serving coffee since 1782, becoming a hallmark of the city’s lasting café culture.

Lisbon’s Coffee Evolution

Over time, Lisbon’s coffee scene has evolved, absorbing modern influences while maintaining its authentic roots. Specialty coffee shops began appearing, one of the early adopters being Fábrica Coffee Roasters, founded in 2015. Their commitment to quality and the roasting process reflects a growing appetite for diverse coffee experiences in the city. Lisbon today offers a vibrant mix, from traditional spots serving the classic ‘bica’ to innovative outlets exploring a spectrum of global coffee flavors and roasting styles.

Local Favorites and Hidden Gems

Lisbon’s coffee scene thrives on its unique mix of traditional family-run spots and innovative concept shops, each contributing distinct flavors and experiences.

Family-Owned Cafés

In the quaint streets of the city, family-owned cafés welcome patrons with the warm embrace of generations-old Portuguese hospitality. Fábrica Coffee stands out as a pillar of the community, where long-standing traditions meet the meticulous preparation of specialty coffee. It is a place that captures the essence of Lisbon’s coffee culture, brewing each cup with care and a sense of history.

Concept Coffee Shops

For those seeking an unconventional caffeine fix, Lisbon offers some of the most creative concept coffee shops around. Shops like Hello, Kristof integrate contemporary aesthetics with quality brews, encouraging visitors to linger over a cup of coffee and a diverse selection of magazines. Spots like The Mill fuse Portuguese and Australian influences, creating a unique environment where coffee is both a craft and a social connector. Wish Slow Coffee House, with its serene ambiance located on Rua das Flores, epitomizes the marriage of concept and leisure, inviting guests to savor their drinks without rush.

Coffee Shops for Digital Nomads

Lisbon, with its thriving café culture, has become a sanctuary for digital nomads seeking out cozy corners with steady Wi-Fi to get work done. Here’s a snapshot of some go-to spots around the city:

  • Hello, Kristof – Praised for its minimalist Scandi design, this coffee shop in Lisbon is a favorite among the laptop-toting crowd. It offers flavorful coffee, a selection of magazines, and more importantly, reliable Wi-Fi, making it an ideal spot for productivity.

  • Copenhagen Coffee Lab – A must-visit for nomads who prefer a more tranquil setting. The Copenhagen Coffee Lab offers a Nordic touch in the Alfama district, complete with high-quality brews and a quiet atmosphere conducive to focused work sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lisbon’s vibrant coffee scene features a variety of spots from charming traditional cafes to modern specialty coffee hubs. Visitors can immerse themselves in Lisbon’s coffee culture, which caters to every preference, whether it’s a stunning view or a quiet corner for remote work.

Where can I find the best coffee shops in Lisbon?

The city’s best coffee shops are spread across different neighborhoods, each with their own unique charm. For a comprehensive guide, 2foodtrippers offer a list of top spots, ensuring every coffee lover finds their perfect match.

Which coffee shops have the best views in Lisbon?

Some cafes in Lisbon boast incredible views, combining good coffee with scenic vistas. Seek out spots like Lisbon’s iconic red rooftops and the River Tagus.

Are there cafes in Lisbon well-suited for working remotely?

Yes, there are numerous cafes in Lisbon ideal for remote work, providing free Wi-Fi and a comfortable atmosphere. Popular among these is Copenhagen Coffee Lab, known for its minimalist design and quiet ambiance conducive to productivity.

What are the most recommended specialty coffee places in Lisbon?

Specialty coffee enthusiasts will appreciate the passion and expertise found at venues like Bloom Coffee Room, where the dedication to coffee excellence is evident with every cup served.

Can you name some of the top coffee roasters in Lisbon?

Lisbon is home to some exceptional coffee roasters, such as Fabrica Coffee Roasters, which is highly renowned for its quality beans and roasting precision and just a short ride from the airport.

What’s the oldest coffee shop that I can visit in Lisbon?

Visitors seeking a taste of history should make their way to Cafe Nicola — a legendary establishment and a staple in Lisbon since the 18th century, offering a glimpse into the city’s rich cafe culture.

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