Best Cafe in Glasgow

Each café and coffee shop brings its unique twist to the table in Glasgow, making it a haven for those seeking a cool spot to unwind or a vibrant atmosphere to energise their day.

With a city so rich in character, it comes as no surprise that Glasgow’s café scene reflects the city’s personality, offering everything from artisan roasters to traditional tea rooms.

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Finding the perfect café in Glasgow is an adventure in its own right, with a multitude of spots dotted around the city, each offering a different experience.

Whether it’s a café with a penchant for creating the silkiest flat whites or a quirky coffee shop that serves up homemade cakes alongside a warm, inviting ambience, there’s a corner for everyone to enjoy.

The city’s passion for quality coffee and delectable treats is evident in the care these establishments put into their craft.

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Top Cafes to Visit in Glasgow

Glasgow’s cafe culture has evolved into an eclectic mix of venues each offering their unique twist on the coffee scene.

Whether it’s to kick-start a morning with a robust espresso or to unwind with a comforting latte, these establishments have something to offer every coffee aficionado.

1. The Good Coffee Cartel

The Good Coffee Cartel is a coffee roaster based in Glasgow, Scotland, established in 2017.

Known for being ahead of the curve, they not only roast coffee but are also a friendly neighbourhood caffeine dealer.

The founders, Courtney Brennan and Todd Whiteford, previously worked together in a cafe before setting up The Good Coffee Cartel.

They are committed to being a proud member of the Living Wage movement and are known for their specialty coffee and community presence.

2. Laboratorio Espresso

Laboratorio Espresso is a Milanese-inspired espresso bar located in the heart of Glasgow. Founded in 2012, the establishment brings the authentic Milanese espresso bar experience to Scotland.

Laboratorio Espresso is known for its traditional Italian blend coffee and its commitment to the “slow food” movement, which emphasizes high-quality food and drink produced with care for the environment.

Situated in a bustling area between Buchanan Street and the financial district, this artisan espresso bar has become a favorite for both locals and visitors seeking a genuine Italian coffee experience in Glasgow.

The café’s interior boasts a modern yet intimate city aesthetic, making it an ideal spot for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy a meticulously crafted cup of coffee (Laboratorio Espresso).

3. Short Long Black

Short Long Black is a charming and intimate coffee shop situated on Victoria Road in Glasgow. It is celebrated as a hidden gem in the city, where the coffee is carefully brewed to perfection, offering an exceptional taste experience for its patrons. The small yet perfectly formed cafe prides itself on the quality of its coffee, making it a must-visit spot for coffee lovers and those seeking a cozy atmosphere to enjoy their beverage.

4. Patricia’s Coffee Bar

Patricia’s Coffee Bar is a welcoming cafe located in Glasgow that is celebrated for its delicious coffee and commitment to supporting mental health. The cafe hosts a mental health cafe every Monday evening in partnership with the charity YAMS (You Are My Sunshine), providing a space where locals can come together for conversation and support over a cup of coffee. This initiative reflects Patricia’s Coffee Bar’s dedication to community well-being and its role as more than just a place for great coffee and brunch—it’s a venue that fosters connection and support among its patrons.

5. Space Speciality Coffee House

Space Speciality Coffee House is a destination for coffee aficionados in Glasgow, known for its dedication to serving high-quality speciality coffee. As a hub for coffee culture, Space offers a curated selection of beans and brews that cater to diverse palates.

The coffee house prides itself on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where customers can relax, work, or catch up with friends. Passionate about coffee and community, Space Speciality Coffee House has become a staple in the Glasgow coffee scene, attracting both locals and visitors looking for an exceptional coffee experience.

6. Us V Them Coffee

Us V Them Coffee is a Glasgow-based company launched in 2017 that specializes in high-quality coffee equipment sales, installation, service, repair, and consulting for businesses. They offer expertise in all types of coffee equipment, aiming to support businesses in delivering exceptional coffee experiences to their customers. With a focus on quality and a comprehensive range of services, Us V Them Coffee positions itself as a knowledgeable partner for coffee businesses looking to excel in their operations.

7. Hinba Coffee Roasters

Hinba Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roasting company that prides itself on selecting and roasting single-origin specialty coffees in the pure Hebridean air, which is free from all pollutants. Their approach to coffee roasting is expert and meticulous, ensuring that each batch of coffee offers a unique and high-quality experience. The company’s commitment to its Hebridean roots is a testament to its dedication to both the environment and the quality of its coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to finding the perfect café in Glasgow, people often have a lot of questions. Whether it’s a relaxed atmosphere they’re seeking or a place that serves up exceptional coffee and cake, this section aims to answer some frequently asked queries about the best cafés in Glasgow.

Where can I find a chilled-out café in Glasgow city centre?

Those looking for a laid-back café in Glasgow’s city centre might enjoy the relaxing ambiance of Civic House. This spot is known for its calm environment and is just a brief walk from all the hustle and bustle.

What’s a top spot for coffee and cake in the heart of Glasgow?

One of the finest places for coffee and a slice of cake right in the city’s pulse is The Tea Rooms at The Butterfly and The Pig. Their freshly made cakes and delicious tea selections are a big hit with locals and visitors alike.

Can you recommend any independent coffee shops in Glasgow’s city centre?

For those who favour independent coffee shops, The Wild Olive Tree is a gem in the city centre, known for its hearty soups and home-baked scones, not to mention its selection of premium coffees.

Which café in the West End of Glasgow has the best vibe?

In Glasgow’s West End, The Skillet is the go-to spot for a café with a vintage vibe and sophisticated ambiance. They offer a superb brunch and are located close to Hillhead, perfect for a relaxing start to the day.

Are there any notable coffee roasters with cafes in Glasgow?

Coffee aficionados looking for a café with its own roastery should check out establishments such as Dear Green Coffee, which not only supplies local cafés but also has a thriving spot for patrons to savour their freshly roasted beans on site.

What are the top picks for a café experience on Glasgow’s Southside?

For those venturing to Glasgow’s Southside, top café picks include spots like Gusto and Relish, where one can find a cosy atmosphere accompanied by a menu of delightful homemade offerings.

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