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Best Cafes in Edinburgh

Tom Saxon is a coffee writer and enthusiast. He has worked in the coffee industry for over a decade all over the world. Skip To As a coffee enthusiast, I had always heard about the vibrant café culture in Edinburgh, and I finally had the chance to immerse myself in it. The Scottish capital’s cobbled … Read more

Best Cafe in Glasgow

Best Cafes in Glasgow(16)

Each café and coffee shop brings its unique twist to the table in Glasgow, making it a haven for those seeking a cool spot to unwind or a vibrant atmosphere to energise their day. With a city so rich in character, it comes as no surprise that Glasgow’s café scene reflects the city’s personality, offering … Read more

7 Independent Cafes in the Lake District

Best Cafes in Lake District(15)

Nestled amongst the stunning fells and tranquil waters of the Lake District are cafes that complement the serenity and beauty of the surrounding landscape. These establishments are not just stops for a quick bite, but destinations in themselves, offering locally sourced produce and a warm Cumbrian welcome. From the charming streets of Ambleside to the … Read more

Indy Coffee Shops in Hamburg

Best Cafes in Hamburg (14)

Hamburg offers a superb coffee scene that caters to all kinds of caffeine junkies, whether they’re looking for a traditional Kaffee und Kuchen experience or the latest in third-wave hipster coffee trends. Each café in Hamburg has its own unique charm, from the laid-back ambience of a canal-side spot perfect for unhurried brunches to stylish … Read more

Best Cafe in Amsterdam

Best Cafes in Amsterdam (13)

Amsterdam has an incredible coffee culture that melds tradition with a keen sense of modernity. The city is renowned for its diverse range of specialty cafes, each offering an array of experiences from cosy retreats to bustling social hubs, serving everything from batch brew coffee to local pastries. Visitors and locals can seek these establishments … Read more