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Manchester Coffee Shops: 10 Cool spots

The best coffee shops in Manchester stand out not just for their bangin’ brews but also for their unique atmospheres and community vibes.


Liverpool has something to entice every kind of coffee enthusiast


The best coffee shops in Leeds stand out for their quality brews and friendly service


One of the best ways to experience York is by exploring its many cafes. 


Bournemouth is known for its sandy beaches, great nightlife, and fantastic coffee scene.

Santa Barbara Coffee Shops: 10 Incredible Cafes

The coffee scene in Santa Barbara is dynamic, with each cafe carving out its slice of the community’s heart.  From specialty brews to cozy, community-oriented spaces

Beverly Hills’ cafés capture the refinement of its surroundings.

From trendy coffee shops to classic diners, Pittsburgh’s cafe scene has it all.

There are plenty of cafes to choose from in Palo Alto

The top cafes in New Orleans and what makes them stand out.